In the wider sense I had always being a curios person, before the art school, my first college degree was on automotive technology.

I am a self taught HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL programer, I also worked for about 3 years doing 3d modelling and animation for a couple movie studios right after I graduated from the Art School. ¬†You will see I like to do a lot of different things involving creativity and imagination, that’s why I like to call myself a multimedia artist.

In the formal aspect one of my art curators wrote:

“Valerie Castle is a multimedia artist whose work is build upon the human relationship with technology. Inside her work lies a strong critique about the ways in which power systems use the dogma to psychologically oppress the masses. This research has its roots in complex situations of social exclusion associated with her personal life. Using figures of speech such as irony, sarcasm, hyperbole, her work morally challenge the viewer. The interaction is present in most of her pieces, with this being the essential conceptual key to the resolution of the discourse.”

Wow! that analysis was more impressive of whatever I could have come with. Anyway, I hope your enjoy my site and be always welcome.