Campaña Admirable

This was my very first Job, I started when I was about to finish the art school, there I gained a lot of experience related to the animation and production industry, I did most of the backgrounds for this project as well a lot of the animations, sadly after one year the project ran out of money and I had to find another job, some of this images survived on my personal computer, but all the animations stayed on the company servers with no date of publication. This are some of the RAW images coming from direct from the 3d rendering program with no post-processing.

Project details

Brief: Animated film that narrates the adventures of Simón Bolívar most commonly known as El Libertador or The Liberator together with other heroes of Latin American Independence Revolution like Jose Félix Ribas, Atanacio Girardot and Rafael Urdaneta, fighting against officials of the Spanish Empire to attain one of the historical victories that would be decisive to achieve the freedom of great part of the Latin American continent.
Year: 2012
Type: Animated Film
Title: Campaña Admirable
Producer: Miope Films
Role: Background 3D Modeller