Kaporito Frontino

After the previous project Campaña Admirable ran out of money I had to find another job, it was more easy than I tough since 3d modellers and animator where on high demand at my country by that time, I learned even more production and animation techniques on this new job, their software of choice was Cinema 4D so I had to learn it from scratch but they have a much bigger production team with more experienced designers and animators that would not hesitate to share their knowledge with the new employees, so in general it was a great job experience I had flexible hours and a really good salary for that time.

It was when I was finishing my Art degree that I decided to quit that job for several reasons, the first was the declining economy from my country had lead me to take the decision to leave it and look to expand my professionals horizons in other country, in order to achieve that I had to focus full time on finishing the final paperwork for the art school and get my degree as fast as posible, I had some money saved so I could survive some more time without a job, so I did what I would never regret and went for my own, after a few more months I learned that this company also like my previous job ran out of money, this was a sign that could not be ignored and just after a year I graduated from the Art school I was on an airplane flying to Berlin to ask for an artist visa, at the end I finished in Zürich a city I love and I at the same time I doing my Master degree on the University of Barcelona so I spent my time between here and there but that’s a story for another time.

Details of the project

Brief: Kaporito is a Bear who lives in the Venezuelan Alps with his family until tragedy arrives in form of poachers that take away the life of his parents, he must learn to survive by himself and during his journey will discover whit the help of a Andes girl the real values of love and life, all this while taking down the poachers operation.
Year: 2013
Type: Animated Film
Title: Kaporito Frontino
Producer: Zootropo
Role: 3D Background modeller & Character Animator

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