I just made my first Android app

I have to admit I’m a more of an Apple girl, yes I am guilty, I used to have a MacBook then a MacBook Pro, even an Apple Airport, currently I have an iPhone, an iPad Air, an Apple TV and I am typing this on my iMac 27″, once I even made my own Hackintosh.

Then, why did I decided to made an Android App instead of an iOS App?

First let’s give you some background story, back when I had my 13″ white MacBook I ended up dropping a glass full of wine over it, so that was the end for that MacBook, I got a new MacBook Pro and I let my old friend on my office waiting to be recycled, then one day randomly watching videos on youtube I came along with this guy, he basically explains how to repurpose your old laptop screen to make a new monitor, I figured it could be a great thing to use my old MacBook screen as an external monitor, so I followed the tutorial, I got a frame from a local home deco store, I fired up my 3d printer and I ended up with this: 

A nice looking screen embedded into a frame that I could use for exposing my video art on some gallery or art event (there will be a tutorial from this coming soon), but what if instead of having to relay on an external player or computer with an ugly wire attached to the screen I could embed a raspberry pi behind the monitor to reproduce videos? or even web pages with net art? that sounded great, but after some trial an error I found that even the raspberry pi was too big to be embedded behind the screen, so after some research I found out this

It’s a simple video stick similar to amazon firestick, but with stock android installed on it, I got it from AliExpress, since at the time the amazon firestick was not released yet, it was so small that I could attach it to the back of the monitor without having to worry about space.

After some firmware hacking I made the conversion from stock Android to Android TV(tutorial coming soon), mostly because the android TV is far more better to be controlled with a remote instead of mouse, but the Android TV OS comes with some limitations on the kind of apps that you can install from the Play Store. Let’s get the things more clear, Android TV it’s just a slimed down version of Android, so almost any app that can run on an Android phone can run on an Android TV but it will not appear on the home screen if it was not designed specifically for android TV, I was very excited that I could use Android for any kind of project or piece or art I could come with, so the solution was to create my own app that could list and launch all the apps that were not designed for Android TV, that would give me a lot more of flexibility to run any app I wanted and not having to stick exclusively to the android TV design guidelines, that also means that I could install a browser like google chrome and run any web related content on my screen.

After about a week of coding, the final app ended up looking like this:

I realised it’s quite easy to develop apps for android, so other apps will be coming soon, for now you can download this app for free here:

Get it on Google Play

Or if you want to support my blog you can just get the paid version here:

Get it on Google Play

As always, thank you for reading and have a nice day.


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