Kaporito Frontino

After the previous project Campaña Admirable ran out of money I had to find another job, it was more easy than I tough since 3d modellers and animator where on high demand at my country by that time, I learned even more production and animation techniques on this new job, their software of choice was Cinema 4D so I had to learn it from scratch but they have a much bigger production team with more experienced designers and animators that would not hesitate to share their knowledge with the new employees, so in general it was a great job experience I had flexible hours and a really good salary for that time.
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Campaña Admirable

This was my very first Job, I started when I was about to finish the art school, there I gained a lot of experience related to the animation and production industry, I did most of the backgrounds for this project as well a lot of the animations, sadly after one year the project ran out of money and I had to find another job, some of this images survived on my personal computer, but all the animations stayed on the company servers with no date of publication. This are some of the RAW images coming from direct from the 3d rendering program with no post-processing.
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My web design experience

Back on time, when I finished my first bachelor degree in Automotive Technology, having decided that I didn’t wanted to work on that area and instead pursue a new degree on Arts I was forced to move from my parents house and live by myself, when that time came I was broke, with no job and having to spent almost all day in the Art school. It was then that I started doing freelance web design to survive, I always had creative inclinations and had learned some HTML coding by the time, here are some of the work I did on that period.


Info-God: The Fastest Way To Get Answers From The Lord

The overall objective of this work is to immerse the viewer in a playful aesthetic experience, in order to promote critical reflection, between the need for human existential answers, social control of the Catholic Church and technological consumerism. People should recline to interact with the video-sculpture, this simulates a conversation with a computer that claimed to be God, all this made possible by the use of an artificial intelligence bot programmed in AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language). The software is able to maintain a natural conversation with the people who interact with him and at the same time learn from them through trial and error. The piece itself is an heresy and the user is condemned to the status of a heretic.

Original title: Info-Dios: la manera más rápida de obtener respuestas del señor
Year: 2012
Technique: Interactive video sculpture

The Truth Will Set Us Free

In this art piece, a transcript from an audio book was displayed on an LCD 10-inch screen, while the audio of it was broadcasted through a radio transmitter with an antenna capable of transmit up to 1 kilometer around, taking into account that this was carried out in Caño Amarillo, area adjacent to the Venezuelan Presidential Palace (Miraflores Palace), the ofice of the Venezuelan President, the action is likely to be considered a terrorist act.

The audio broadcasted was The New Idol, which was extracted from the audio book Thus Spoke Zarathustra from Nietzsche, text in which the philosopher-turned-poet, accuses the state of being a monster cold, capable of the worst atrocities while their follower’s superfluous notes, decadent and a whole range of ofensive adjectives.

Original title in Spanish: La verdad os hará libre
Year: 2011
Technique: Interactive video installation

All The Enlightened Go To Heaven

This was a video installation in the public spaces of my former university. Using a camera, a projector and a laptop, a Puredata script was executed, performing a real-time Chromakey of people passing in front of the light source which was also a camera, the people image where introduced inside a video of the heaven and then projected in the ceiling, making it look like a window to heaven.

Original title in Spanish: Todos los iluminados van al cielo
Year: 2011
Technique: Video Installation