An Absurd World

In this Net Art project the user was confronted with tree interactive screen, once the user clicks on any of it, the display shows an obfuscated picture on which the viewer is prompted to swipe to reveal the message behind, the messages are making a critic of how many millions of dollars are spent in causes like terrorism and the space program in comparison with other most humanitarian causes.

Live Demo (Flash Player Required)

Demo en Español (Requiere flash player)

Original Spanish Title: Un mundo absurdo
Year: 2010
Technique: Net Art

Self Portrait

Title: Self Portrait
Year: 2009
Technique: Video Art
Tools: 3d Studio Max 2009 + Mental Ray + After Effects

On Red

This is some of my very early experimentations with 3d modelling. I used 3d Studio Max and Mental Ray render engine for this ones.